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Here's another nearly three year old post of mine, posted 18-11-2016, on an AGW denier website on a thread about reducing Arctic sea ice, that was stonewalled by AGW deniers:
litesong wrote:
High Arctic temperatures over nearly 4 million square kilometers, have reached their highest satellite recorded anomaly temperatures, now of 19degC. over average. Of course, this recent vast inundation of southern heat to High Arctic darkness is on top of the nearly 70 days of over-energy heat that has battled Arctic ice formation. Yes, this icing (no icing?) on the cake has lead present Arctic sea ice VOLUME to be 64+% less than the average to date Arctic sea ice VOLUME of the 1980's. The 19degC over average temperature may be on the verge of moderating. However, the nearly 70 days of over-heating may NOT be ending & could easily continue well past 100 days. We'll see.

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