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Continuing my posts on Arctic sea ices & excess temperatures, in 2016 & this next post (02-01-2017):
litesong wrote:.. I can even say, HIGH ARCTIC BERSERKER, now well past 100 days of existence. Except for one questionable day very near the High Arctic average temperature, the present High Arctic Berserker would be approaching 120 days of existence. 150 plus days of existence above "average" temperatures is well within the HAB's range.

AGW is NOT only driving present Arctic temperatures to incredible highs, but AGW is driving Arctic cold to FAR SOUTH climes! Even in Aleppo, Syria, evacuation of civilians from the war crimes region, that has left a hulk of the city, is being hamstrung by Arctic weather powered to the south, causing SNOW.

Here is a prime example of AGW, on top of the wreckages of human hate, adding to misery & death to innocents.
Present High Arctic Berserker is over 115 straight days over average temperatures. If NOT for 1 questionable day, HAB would be over 125 straight days. It could easily go to 150 straight days...... & keep going!
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