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Here's another old post of mine, posted 8-2-2017, on an AGW denier website on a thread about reducing Arctic sea ice:
litesong wrote:
Average Arctic sea ice VOLUME for February 1, for the period 1980-89, was ~ 26,700 cubic kilometers. February 1, 2017 Arctic sea ice VOLUME is ~ 16,100 cubic kilometers, ~ 10,600 cubic kilometers LESS than the 1980-89 average for February 1. The energy to melt such an amount of to date sea ice is ~ 33 times the annual power consumption of the U.S.
In addition:
Arctic sea ice VOLUME,...... as of February 1, 2017 is LESS than Arctic sea ice for ALL Arctic sea ice years before 2008, as of the BEGINNING of the year, January 1.
In other words, a month's worth of Arctic sea ice VOLUME freezing was missing.

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