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A series of posts, this time from 10-2-17:
litesong wrote: Present High Arctic Berserker, PHAB, or FAB has leaped from 4degC to 11 degC over-temperature over almost 4 million square kilometers, as I was expecting.
Previously, the warm front that pushed the cold front off the Greenland Ice Sheets? Well, the warm front really took over the Greenland Ice Sheet, as warmth continued to sweep onto the GIS from the south. The warm front on the GIS was still cold as the temperature of the weather on Canadian Northwest Territories & islands. BBBUUUTTTTTT now... some of that warm front slid off the GIS into the High Arctic. Down slope heating really increased the warm front temperatures as it slid into the territory of the Present High Arctic Berserker or PHAB or FAB
There's where the quick, strong leap of temperature from 4degC to 11degC came from!!!
Cool..... or hot! Oh, its just the Present High Arctic Berserker or PHAB or FAB , doing its thing.
Oh, oh! The Present High Arctic Berserker is now 13degC over average temperature for the High Arctic. The GIS warm front must still be sliding off the GIS & into the High Arctic.
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