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Sorry guys, been snowed under in work...

Not sure how the laws are in your area
No real issue with the law here in the UK, only a problem if your trying to con someone into buying it based on false low milage. Hence the reason we have legitimate (and some not so legitimate*) "milage correction" companies. The legally required yearly MOT test records the milage anyway so would show the change anyway.

You could input a signal to the speed sensor
Yes! This was the thought I needed - I'd already thought "keep it simple stupid" and spinning the wheel with a drill or something. Couldn't find a practical way of doing this for the milage I needed though. Square wave generator chip off ebay... Hmm worth a try at £2.55. Plus I've got the old broken clocks to mess with on the bench.

*funny story - years ago I used to work with a guy (thick as bricks) who was selling a high milage, but otherwise spot on BMW. Thought £50 spent "correcting" 😉 the milage would be a good idea. Worked well until he proudly pulled out the "full dealer service history" which showed it had already had the next 50k worth of servicing done. Plus the proposed buyer was a local thug who didn't take too kindly to our man trying to con him.

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