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Battery Hookup - used Li batteries very affordable

I've come across this website through my surfing the net and own personal interests. I did sign up to make us (ecomodder) an affiliate, but I am very interested in picking up some of their batteries to try them out.

Battery Hookup is a place that buys used batteries, capacity tests them, and then resells them for a fraction of the retail cost. I have not personally ordered from them yet, but I really am considering getting some to convert my battery riding lawn mower to lithium for not too much more than the price of lead acid batteries!

They don't have a gigantic selection. But, they are constantly getting new stuff, so check back in often if you're looking for something more specific.

Have any of you guys used them before? I'm finding myself thinking about what I could use their batteries for just because they are so stinking reasonably priced.

Their 8Ah pouch cells they currently have sound like they'd be an awesome replacement for my 2000 Honda Insight's weak battery pack. The price for the cells would only be $180! Nowhere close to what a replacement pack costs, and it upgrades to lithium. Crazy stuff possible and I really hope to see some cool projects come from this.

Current project: A better alternator delete
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