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I would suggest you try to get the history of those cells. If they are from hybrid car batteries they usually take a big hit every time they are called on to help the car from stop signs, lights, etc.

I have been buying used Nissan leaf, Chevy Volt, Ford Cmax and a Hyundai hybrid pack to experiment with and then sell what I can so I can keep a few for myself and a buddy down here. All but the Hyundai were from Plug-in cars. All were certified to be under 30,000 miles odometer reading. We have hills/mountains here so, mileage is not something we keep track of.

We are using them for our homemade motorcycles and get great results.

For my house, I use A123 M1 round cells for most of our lighting, computer, tv and any necessary emergency such as when the commercial grid goes down, sometimes as often as 10-15 times a month for 10 minutes to over 2-3 hours. Very soon, I will be putting 10 of the Leaf modules together to power more of our stuff, without an inverter for now. Anything 12V or so will do fine, until I can get more electronic ways to split the pack as I reconfigure to 24V system.

I have a Dewalt "sawzall" type saw, 2 drill drivers, one impact driver, a few LED lights and will use the 12V DC for powering the metal lathe that I am currently working on, besides all the power tools I mentioned. All our lighting is LED, mostly 12V. ALL our flashlights use NiMh or Lithium batteries. The Dewalt drills and saw were all 18V and went bad, so, I built packs from 18650 cells as 5 Series 2 parallel and run the hell out of them for over 3 years, without any failures.

My buddy and I go without using a BMS system, due to the fact we are very vigilant in keeping track of voltages and individual groups of cells in every pack we use. We do NOT advise others to do what we do.

For a car starter battery, my Buddy built a pack of the A123M1 cells and has been using it for nearly 3 years.

There are good deals out there on hardly used cells IF you know how to wheel and deal. Just be VERY careful and get all the info you can before buying.
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