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Yah, clear clean fuel is the drink of choice of man's modern day war horse. I've replaced it before and will do it again just in good measure. So I have a broken caliper on my front left side as I mentioned above. I filled up last night. 23.25 was my fuel economy. This is driving about 60 mph in a 80 plus zone (Detroit drivers for the most part =SUV's that can't drive under 70 MPH). So I'm replacing front brakes this morning and am going to get really good at taking my wipers on and off and may purchase an adhesive window antennae. I'm not going to do any mods until I get my scanguage. I got an email last night indicating that its shipped. I'm a nerd, I'm totaly excited about getting it.
I really want to shoot that high RPM issue. P&G isn't possible if I can't stop it.
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