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The problem with tarriffs arises when they're unexpected. Throws a spanner into long term product planning.

Also, China doesn't need to steal IP when it can coerce foreign companies into sharing tech. Beyond that, corporate buyouts and high profile headhunting has given them the ability to develop with the best of them at this point. Punishing China now for past indisgressions is a bit like closing the stable door after a stampede has knocked down the fence.

(economics, not politics!)

That said, market conditions now still militate against the small and the cheap in the US. Without a major fuel crisis pushing oil into the 100-120 dollar per barrel range, that's not going to change any time soon.

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At least as an indirect replacement, even though its interior is not nearly as versatile as the Fit.
I hate how the HR-V sacrifices flexibility for style.
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