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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Garbage article. Not sure how the author got through even an economics 101 course despite claiming expertise.
We have been through this many times over the last two years so I am not going to waste much time again but modern economic theory was developed during the current, one time, Carbon Energy Pulse. And is highly flawed. It has only seemed like it worked well as long as there is assumed a cornucopian supply of raw materials and energy on the input. with no cost of the actual non-renewable resources that the future life will not have. Only the cost of extraction. And a cornucopian sink to absorb the waste. Also with no cost.
Economists and politicians encouraging eternal 3% growth, just so some scraps can trickle down to the bottom 70% of humans are leading a mindless extractive drive up to a higher and steeper Seneca collapse. Infinite growth on a finite planet is well into the category of "can't happen". It never ends well for yeast in a bottle of wine.
We already live in a social democracy all across the developed North. Most of our important contribution of expensive infrastructure toward human wellbeing are funded socially. Schools, hospitals, roads, utilities/ energy, fire, police.