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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I would rather just use my debit card than need to remember to make my payment.
First of all, this is the year 2000; you don't have to remember anything. Ask Google to remind you, or put a reminder in your calendar, or whatever you do to be reminded of important things.

Second, credit card payments are automatically drawn from my checking account for the full statement amount. No need to even remember to pay it. The whole thing is on autopilot, and I've never paid a dime in interest.

You've yet to disclose (perhaps you haven't even added it up yourself) your regular monthly expenses. Income might be a problem, but where money is spent is usually a bigger problem, especially when a single (no dependants) person in relatively good health doesn't have money. I've said it before, but I could work a minimum wage job and have an increasing amount in the bank each month (when I was single). I know "poor" single people that make $40k and have $250/mo rent. They claim to be good with money, but spending $100/mo on a cell phone plan isn't something a person with no money should be doing.
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