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My towing rig is a '96 F250 7.3L diesel automatic with a 3.55 rear differential. My travel trailer weighs in at 6000 pounds, and the truck at about 9000, totaling about 15,000 pounds which is the listed GCVWR for the 3.55 gears in that year.

If I towed more weight I'd have opted for the 4.10 gears that were available that year; but I don't, and I didn't.

My normal towing speed is about 60mph, which equates to about 1500RPM. I normally average about 14MPG towing.

When not towing on the highway, I can get about 23MPG at 55 MPH and 21MPG at 70 MPH.

I have all the power I need in the hills and dales, so am happy with the whole setup, which I've been using since I purchased it new in 1996.
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