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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
... I calculated some months ago that I had paid a couple of thousand...

When I figured out how much money I spent on the game I also estimated (the best that I could) how much I would have earned working minimum wage for the same amount of time... something like $40,000.
Au contraire, mon frere. You're looking at it backwards. If you had the opportunity to earn money during that time and didn't bother, then it would be a good comparison. By gaming, you didn't give up $42,000. You weren't skipping shifts to play and you weren't turning down jobs because of your hobby (hopefully).

You needed down time to recharge. What did it cost you? 1/20 of minimum wage. If you had paid someone minimum wage (I'm not getting into employer's expenses) for that amount of time to relax and entertain you, it would have run you $40k out of pocket. Instead you came up with a way to accomplish it that only cost you $2k!

Using your 13.7 hours per week of playing as a baseline, lets say you had 5 shifts of 8 hours each and paid someone minimum wage to entertain you for 2.74 hours after each shift. In that case, the first 20 and a half minutes of each hour worked would go straight to your post-shift entertainment expenses. But you didn't hire a jester or a masseuse: you spent your entertainment bucks on WOW.

13 years at 416.6 hours is 5,415.8 hours. $2000 into that is $0.37 cents an hour. Rounding up, 2.74 hours of post-shift WOW cost you $1.02. In this case, less than the first three minutes of each hour worked would go straight to your post-shift entertainment.

Well played, Xist, well played.

Originally Posted by sheepdog44 View Post
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