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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
This is a very pertinent point. An EV may be 80-90% efficient from outlet to road miles, but there's also the efficiency of power plants to account for, and transmission of that power.

Honda and Toyota both have engines which can make 40% of energy in gasoline usable.

How does one compare the fuel "efficiency" of a solar panel or hydro?

Cost per mile is one way of looking at things, but over what period do you calculate it? A projected lifespan of the vehicle? Do you calculate only cost you have to pay, or should overall cost of production and disposal (and even pollution) be accounted for?
Ecky, you quoted the 40% ICE efficiency, but isn't that just the PEAK efficiency when you're riding the island on the BSFC plot? For most drivers, most of their driving is far off this peak. So the average ICE efficiency is down <20%.
People on this forum are aware of that and drive for efficiency but the vast majority of people do not. So if an electric motor is at 90% for all driving conditions, then doesn't that make more sense for majority of people?

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