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Originally Posted by freebeard
In 2-4ft, pace Mair, l/d (~3/6) give a 50% reduction in Cd. Of this one component.
I don't honestly know what this means other than maybe I am way over my head trying to do this, because of my own confusion reading this?
Given a 2 to 4 foot extension (Averaged as 3ft), following (pace being italicized because Latin) the work of Mair (shown above at Permalink #2) a three foot extension on an approximately six foot wide vehicle would approximate the first data point shown. Interpolating the vertical axis gives a drop from ~0.17 to ~0.06Cd. This result must be combined (somehow) with the Cd of the other aspect of the aeroform.

Paging aerohead!

I still haven't found a good example of a stepped box. See the wakeboards here:

and this:

The general idea is that at the truncation you choose, there is a line on the Template that can be achieved with a flat/slanted piece, a curve that starts smoothly from the forebody, or a straight piece inset appropriately. The latter can be useful to exposing taillights. In each case the trailing edge is in the same place.

You bus ain't no teardrop. Instead of the Thee Holy Template, consider the NASA van.
There'll be more about it if you dig. But this profile gives the gist, and follows Mair.

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