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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Are the advantages of almost no moving parts worth it for ease of maintenance and longevity? Especially since the most modern application has shifted to non-synchronous DC transmission.
From what I have seen a 3mw gearless uses more copper and rare earth's (normal geared turbines don't use any rare earths) than what a 10mw geared turbine uses.
The problem is a 500' or bigger blade diameter is the blades are only going to turn about 9 rpm or less. To get enough relative motion out of 7 to 10 rpm to make a lot of use able power your armature and exciter are going to have to be freaking huge, like the size of a small school bus.
GE already makes variable speed alternator wind turbines that take variable frequency AC, turn it to DC then invert it to 60hz AC for local high voltage transmission.
Plus all mechanical power generation starts as AC.
So turning it into DC is the extra step.

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