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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I just listened to a podcast hosted by Niall Ferguson with guest speaker Peter Thiel. Peter suggests an economic contraction or at least a stagnation might be on the near horizon due to slowing technological advancement.

Certainly we've plucked the low hanging fruit of science and technology, so that means that further improvements will be more difficult. There is some speculation based on Moore's Law that technology will advance at an increasing rate, since we can leverage existing technology to solve increasingly difficult problems, but so far that remains to be seen. Moore's Law has died. Intel has missed their own roadmap for producing 10nm transistors in quantity, and it isn't likely they will get much smaller. We may be at the beginning stages of technology stagnation, which would mean a slowdown in the problems we're able to solve.
What technological development do you think we lack to address climate change? From what I've read,we have everything we already need to advance to a solution.
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