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AQUA is fueled by hydrogen is powered by liquid hydrogen. How "eco" is that?

The bow reminds me of Captain Nemo's submarine in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

But also overlooked is the energy required to make liquid hydrogen. It has to be compressed to 13 times the earth's atmosphere and then cooled to 21 degrees Kelvin, or -421 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes a lot of energy to run the compressors; Praxis, a manufacturer of Liquid Hydrogen, says it take 15 kWh of electricity to make a kilogram of the stuff.

Hydrogen contains 142 megajoules of energy per kilogram; that's 39.44 kWh. So just making it liquid takes up 40 percent of its energy. And that doesn't count the energy required to make the hydrogen from natural gas (because almost nobody is making it through electrolysis) or the losses from storage (about one percent per day). About the only thing that makes less sense than running a boat on hydrogen is running it on liquid hydrogen.
No mention of metallic Hydrogen? I guess that only for space travel.

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