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Fat bitc...h girl.

Yes, I said fat bitc...h in the title of this thread Quite sexist and fatphobic. Just to be politically incorrect. WHy not??? It's just a expression and not a ideology against women and fat women. In the same way a woman could think "horn bony guy" about a unkind man.

Well, let me explain. It's about a fat woman (but could also be a bony slin man) without shame on face, annoying consumer (me) forgething she was there as representative of the company, and not in a bar drinking and speaking very loud, anoying a lot and making hard to understand what another attendant was saying, since sound polution was very high with she and other employes that had finished work but joined together to create a hell noise there in the Cell Phone agency.
I don't use to be angry about fat people, as I was one myself until 16 years old and know how it's hard, and also not against women. But we all think or try to think in association with some pejorative thing when we feel badly treated. For example, If I make something wrong to another person, the person will be right to think or grumble :"This long hair mother f..." It's natural to spot something when we are angry and try to use it.

Wel, I was there, and after minuter of the employes annoying, and even making difficult the job of the decent employer who was righfully attending, I spoke laud to them saying they were not in a dirt pub ("boteco" on Brazil's language). Well, one fat woman, who was one of them seaking very loud, as a hell, felt I was wrong for interrumpt her and their co-workers friends. Yes, the bi.tch said I was wrong for anoy she, while she was behaving like in a party.
I said I would complain against her, or press charges, or charges agaisnt her for the company, and she freakly said : Go ahead.

Now you can see why Brazil it's a violent country, since people who are wrong act like if they was right. They have no conscience of dutty. The other persons (who worked there) who was speaking very loud got quiet after I complained, but she was a She deserves to lost the job or a temporary suspension.
In USA or Europe I bet I could go to court and get money for such things, if I had on tape. But on Brazil, I bet if go to police people will laught ir get angry for anoy police with such thing. And the cell phone company probably will not give proper attention for a complain, unless I was rich or famous.

On Brazil we have bad/evil people who use money and power ot humiliate others, or scape the law, and it's what we called "carteirada" (use money power or position to opress or get away of law or get away of law authorities --- sort of "flash the badge".). But we also have a negative thing from people in lower position (in relation to the rich powerfull evil ones). It's the kind of people who just respect people with power, who just are afraid of people with power, or who just respect others for some interest.

The work shift it's up 18:00, but I went 12 minutes before and the attendent hadn't solved the problem yet, and on Brazil the rules say that for the client in such circustance they need to finish the work. Anyway the other women was attending and the fat bitc...t and their workers friends started a crazy Behavior yealling load laughts like people behave in dirty pubs. She was wrong, and if her shift was over, she should go out and not disturb the others inside the company room.

When that fat b... looked to me and had the audacious face to tell me that was me who anoyed her conversation (crazy loud talk) I felt desire to call her of 20 or more very ugly names. I looked to the kind and profetional (elegant workstyle of be) woman who was attending and said that if I called she (the other worker) of pudgy, I would be sued for fatphobia.

Well, that's Brazil... People have no respect for workspace, no ethic, don't care if they are anoying other people around. Even inside airplanes, yes, you can find videos of brazilians yelling and behaving like a mob inside jet airplanes during flight.
Or even video of people from publich health service showing the middle finger to the cell phone camera of a guy (recording) who didn't got response for his questions. Not intimidated even by cell phone recording... Sh...thole country... And not because it's poor country, but because of our f... scr...w-up culture.

What would you had done in my place????

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