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The place was for attending clients, a room for personal attendance, and not a factory, and they stayed there making "racket" like monkey.

If wasn't a fat bitc...h girl but a man, I would feel desire to broke his nose in case he freakly tell me I annoyed his loud talking. But I'm civilized and would not do it, just feel.
Such people should be fired. Thyere is not jsut the cultural trash of Brazil, but the crap laws that make very to fire a horrible behavior worker.

Originally Posted by iikhod View Post
In a very finnish way, i would of bit my lip, stayed quiet and grumble afterwards to a friend

When i'm on the phone, at work, trying to solve problems regarding factory and there happens to be a bunch of "extras" in the room talking too damn loud so i cant hear what the other person is saying on the phone, i have said loud: "I'M SORRY WHAT WAS THAT, I CAN'T HEAR YOU BECAUSE OF THESE APES MAKING A RACKET HERE"
Usually does the trick.
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