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Nowadays with all that fat-positivity BS catering mostly to women, sometimes I prefer to refuse dealing with a fat woman because I already expect them to do something wrong and try to put the blame on me. Not that I really care about their weight or their likelyhood to die from a heart condition.

Originally Posted by iikhod View Post
When i'm on the phone, at work, trying to solve problems regarding factory and there happens to be a bunch of "extras" in the room talking too damn loud so i cant hear what the other person is saying on the phone, i have said loud: "I'M SORRY WHAT WAS THAT, I CAN'T HEAR YOU BECAUSE OF THESE APES MAKING A RACKET HERE"
Usually does the trick.
The only trick it would do here in the POS Brazil would be to get you arrested for "racism" due to all the blacks who could take offense as if you were talking about them and sue you, plus some wannabe-African halfies.
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