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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Today I could be arrested, even if not using it to race in any way.
Even if you use some reference to other animals, or simply refer to annoying people regardless of race as "savages", there will be someone trying to make it sound troublesome...

There are many fat persons, with great respect and nice characters.
Too bad one of my cousins who is fat embraced the "fat-positive" bandwagon...

I supose you are right about radical brzilian leftwing turn a lot of people anger, free anger. Now with PT kicked we also see right wing turnig people anger.
I doubt any unsatisfaction against our current president Jair Bolsonaro will ever reach the same extent that it reached against PT and its satellites... But anyway, regardless of political affiliations, anyone who embraces the "eternal victimhood" ideology embraced by the left wing becomes annoying to some extent. You don't see so many Japs whining about the way their ancestors were enslaved by debt when they were brought to Brazil to pick coffee and seeking for so-called "reparations", for example, and neither Jews trying to hold every German, Italian or Japanese accountable for what Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito did in WW2. Now that everyone is supposed to be free and have chances to succeed by oneself's own endeavour, there is no reason for all the left-leaning attempts to single-out people by race or other biological features such as being male or female.
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