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junk science

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I guess I am not reading ipcc stuff with fire and brimstone glasses on.
I read hundreds of pages of the 1,170 page oceans and cryosphere report until I found that it was based in junk science and part of another one that Greta liked to quote that is only a few years old.

That showed me that global warming isn't settled science and that the climate cult definitely isn't reading these reports.

So why are you so worried about the climate based on a report that we know is based on junk science?
Retraced in nature is roughly one step below out right criminal fraud, to me it looks like the difference is in the later they can prove intent.
Would you like to share a specific citation? The only junk science I'm aware of was that financed by the Koch Brothers and Exxon.
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