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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Too broad a question, as climate change isn't manifest as a singular catastrophe, but affecting an infinite number of systems in an infinite number of ways.

If we "solving" climate change means being net-zero CO2 while maintaining the level of wealth we have, then the technology does not exist currently. Perhaps nuclear stands a chance and supplying the bulk energy needs, but that remains to be seen, and requires a transition in many sectors of the economy, such as transportation. That opens many other cans of worms because battery technology is terrible in comparison to a petrol fuel tank, for instance.

I sound pessimistic, but only in the short-term. Long-term I expect we'll figure out how to replace fossil energy with other sources.

The main point I was making is that Nietzsche philosophy is the basis for modern philosophy, which basically states that there is no intrinsic good. The "good" then is open to interpretation, with the majority of people more or less adopting a John Stuart Mill Utilitarian philosophy, which says that morality is whatever serves the interests of the most people... which has some connection with socialism. It's a relatively small step to posit that the greater welfare would be served by doing away with some smaller group of people.

In my view, socialism is neither good nor bad, just like most any tool. It all comes down to how it's implemented and what the fundamental basis for it is. If the basis is to make everyone equal or the same, then it's evil.
Switching gears to philosophy will require a trip home.I've only read one work by Nietzsche.I wasn't impressed.And I'm not sure that he had the magnitude of impact on philosophy as you infer.I'll have to revisit Wooten's work.
What you describe sounds like neo-platonism,which I consider liquid evil.The put relative in cultural relativism.
Socialism is just an economic model.It's not god nor bad.It just is.It is associated with equitable distribution of wealth,as was enjoyed in America's Golden Age,between 1945 and 1973,when there was more public services.
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