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I have watched a number of auto repair tips and tricks videos and it seems like most of them have the same hack tips--most of them have the Shouty trip that I shared some months back about using a scrap of plastic to keep a bolt in a socket. I watched another video like this and the guy kind of made fun of Shouty and Eric the Car Guy. Someone mentioned Shouty in the comments and the poster wrote this:
Scotty is a wrench-monkey, not a mechanic. He just guesses at parts and replaces them until the problem seems fixed. I hate being compared to him. After 50 years you should bve able to diagnose problems, not fire the parts cannon still. Hell, after 5 years you should.
You know you are "coming of age" in car repair when you realize Scotty is a hack. And you reach enlightmentment when you come to the grizzly harsh realization that actually, ETCG is too. I hate to say it but you'll see someday.
He has 159,000 subscribers. Shouty has 2.74m. Eric is partially retired and has 1.36m.

Shouty is more of an entertainer than a mechanic, but I still prefer him and Eric to this other guy.
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