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I've got a '94 Escort which is the same car but with the Ford badge. I've had tanks as high as 40 MPG out of it in stock configuration and of course that included several cold starts over the duration of the tank. Are you saying you can't coast at all even with the engine running? If so that's going to be a big disadvantage. I don't do P&G or EOC but I do lots of coasting on downhill grades where I can maintain my speed. The big advantage to being able to do this is this car is equipped with DFCO so if you have a 1/2 mile downhill grade you can travel that 1/2 mile using no fuel. Being the time of year you've got to do this it's going to be colder temperatures I'd suggest testing a WAI. Anytime I've broke 40 MPG on my '94 has been in really warm summer weather. I also agree you'll need to get those tires pumped up. I've not done any aero mods so I can't help you there.

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