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The Van - '95 Chevy Astro Cl
Team Chevy
90 day: 16.39 mpg (US)

The new bike - '17 Kawasaki Versys X 300 abs
90 day: 60.77 mpg (US)

The Mercury - '95 Mercury Tracer Trio
90 day: 33.31 mpg (US)
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I changed the spark plugs and wires. Plugs definitely needed it and the wires were at a higher resistance than I expected given their length. Total was $28.52

Cripple Rooster: Stock weight is 2404 lbs curb weight

2000mc: Thank you for the chart, 40 mpg @ 55 in stock form I think I have a decent chance. Atleast of getting above 50mpg.

Frank: The best loophole I've found so far is that I need to go the speed limit (not necessarily 55), but 60 mpg in town is going to be harder to get. I need to find the best route that includes lower speed limits and little to no stop signs.

Tahoe_Hybrid: The current tires are in pretty good shape so I don't have plans of changing tires or rims right now.

RedDevil: The ecomodder in me wants to see what I can do with just aeromods and then given time I can remove systems. Definitely weight reduction and thinner oil though.

2016 Versa: I think the reason they said no coasting was because of the speed limit and not slowing down traffic. Which means if I P&G while maintaining a 55+ avg mph I think I've cleared the rules.

In the thread "5th generation civic hatchback improving aerodynamics"post #258 AndrewJ (OP) says that he can coast for a good 10-15 seconds and only drop 5mph. So I am thinking at least test, but maybe final method, P&G 50-65 mph.
At 55 mph, a 10% drag reduction translates to a 5% increase in fuel economy. At 70mph,a 10% drag reduction translates into a 6% increase -Phil Knox (Aerohead), Aerodynamics Seminar #2
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My other hobbies have no ROI (making things go fast). So I'm having fun modding my car for better mileage and the side effect is that I save money on gas day to day.

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