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The next post I’ll get into specifics of how to use a radio on an ordinary day to best effect. The type of radio system worth having. As I hope you’ll understand from the above.

You and your family on an innocent vacation that suddenly turns deadly, the cheap almost non-existent system that is the experience of most wont get the job done.

Understand that in the event of life-threatening situations most people freeze. The airliner crash landing where most survive. But fail to exit the fuselage (happens all the time and all over the world; in my family no one is allowed to wear other than sturdy footwear on an airline flight. Should the above happen, WE ARE exiting) and by failing to act, die.

The tools matter. Their quality. In this instance, the installation of a system that works properly.

The install is labor. That’s the only real cost of paying someone else. And you needn’t. As DIY goes, it isn’t that hard.

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