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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I wasn't talking about efficiency I was talking about power.
Now that you bring it up say a 2,000 gallon fuel tank could be replaced with a battery that holds the equivalent of 500 gallons. That would be 18.5 mega watt hours.
But then you problem only want to charge and run it between 20% and 80%. So would need more like 22mwh.
The power connection to recharge would need to be running like 2mw you could recharge it in about 10 hours.

A power sub station for a 20mw is pretty substantial. That's what we have where I work. It cost millions of dollars and millions more to run the power for 20 miles.
The efficiency makes all the difference in how much electric energy it would take to supplant the internal combustion engine.Convert the 2,000 gallons of diesel to kw/hr equivalent to see what size of 'battery' the engine is consuming.

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