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wishful thinking

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
I'm not defending anything but truth and data. The truth can't hurt. I'm sorry but I can't stand by and let people say that some magic pen can electrify everything like it is a simple thing to do. Neglecting to mention the $1-200 trillion of built out infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt or replaced. And then state that this will reduce primary energy demand by 85%. There is no study anywhere that supports this. The reports I have seen have stated a 45% reduction in primary energy from the full electrification of all human energy use.
Wishful thinking and misrepresented statements about the takeover rate of wind and solar lead to false ideas which produce undue animosity and produce faulty plans and timelines. Promoting a "Green Growth" false narrative. But wind and solar are not going to scale to replace half of the 17 TW we are blowing through right now. And battery production is not going to build out 80 TWh just for cars. Current world production is .06 TWh/ year. We are bragging about the next great GigaFactory in Germany proposed to have a capacity of .1 TWh/ year. Still a drop in the bucket if it can really come to pass. This remains to be seen since the current GigaFactory 1 is running at .02 TWh/ year.
Perhaps you ought to look at the USA at home during WW-II.I completely reject your calculus.
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