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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
That assumes people are smarter than average, and that they have different priorities than they do.

Change will happen, but it will take time. The solution isn't a simple "stroke of the pen", or get angry like we're fighting Nazis Kamikazes .

One thing for sure, dictating the small details of a solution is a surefire way to increase overall suffering for any given goal. It's likely one of the issues Tesla has/had with Musk.
Perhaps the entire time sensitivity issue of climate change is lost on you.We've had since 1958 to begin.
It doesn't matter how smart people are.You just get people in a position of authority to put on big-boy pants and act like a responsible adults,following the cues from climatologists.
The solution IS simple.And a stroke of the pen CAN do it.We have history to prove it.
Anger doesn't belong.Just commitment and focus.We're just attacking waste.Suffering is a relativistic concept.
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