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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Carbon footprint at home does not equate to a person's total carbon footprint unless you truly move off grid to a remote cabin, never to be seen again. This is another prevalent blindspot. As long as you are a member of society and avail yourself of any social infrastructure and government, you still are a part of all of that footprint.
Very strange that a self proclaimed engineer is so reticent to understand any of this. In my previous experience, engineers and physicists were the most likely to understand and write about energy scale.
When I accumulate enough excess wealth,I'm going to buy you a window to look out of.And remedial arithmetic lessons.
Don't presume that physicists or engineers generally have a clue about a paradigm shift.You might be betting on the wrong horse.Where they live,what they have,and how they move will tell volumes about where their heads are at.
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