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Really? MS Paint and a watermark. I laugh at the London Times.

While we ponder the value of some UN factfinding, the world shifts around us.

Suspiciousobervers:The Sun Triggers Heart Attack, Black Hole Image? | S0 News Oct.21.2019

Geomagnetic disturbances driven by solar activity enhance total and cardiovascular mortality risk in 263 U.S. cities

Short-term geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) driven by the quasi-periodic 11-year cycle of solar activity have been linked to a broad range of adverse health effects, including cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and total deaths. We conducted a large epidemiological study in 263 U.S. cities to assess the effects of GMD on daily deaths of total, CVD, myocardial infarction (MI), and stroke.
So the Sun is more likely to kill you by heart attack than heat prostration.

And that 'first picture of a black hole' is really of a plasma filament end-on.
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