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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Fit sales have dropped enough that it doesnít make sense to pay to certify the new model for the USA.
Unless Honda would attempt to certify a new WR-V in the U.S. too. Then maybe offering the Fit with the WR-V nameplate as if it was only an aerodinamically-enhanced front clip. Even though certifying the Fit through the "light truck" loophole that has benefitted the SUVs for a long time might seem to go against its purpose, I'm sure Honda won't decrease the efficiency to exploit this loophole.

Iím sure Honda will convert most potential Fit customers to a HR-V or Civic.
Probably most potential Fit customers might be pushed to the HR-V than to the Civic, even though nowadays that Honda resumed offering the Civic with a hatchback bodystyle it might become easier to attract the Fit owners. Well, maybe with a smaller engine...
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