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Originally Posted by 2000mc View Post
Id bet the main restriction is the cooler(s). 3/8 or 3/4 lines might see almost the same pressure and flow.
If you did flow more, I would think it would be maintained at the same pressure, and actually increase the load. You would also be warming up more fluid, and increasing vehicle weight. Probably going to cost you 0.00021mpg
I would think the factory setup would be the most reliable, unless they have to be modified to use.
It may be slightly easier to route and secure smaller lines.
The cooler wouldn't be a significant restriction, my cooler has 1/2 ports on it and is quite easy to blow through compared to a couple feet of 3/8 rubber hose. I don't have the stock cooler in the rad anymore because I installed an all aluminium Mishimoto racing rad years ago, so the only cooler the fluid flows through isn't restrictive.

I would think that the load on the pump would be a tiny bit lower when it is working against less pressure, but I may be overlooking something. I don't think the cooler line pressure is regulated.
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