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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
Guess I should have filled up last night on the way back like I usually do. Im about 400 miles into this tank. I havent seen any drastic increases, just the same BS all summer. Crude goes down, prices start to go down, then they shoot the prices back up to $4 overnight. I think what theyre trying to do is establish a new baseline. At least the other day crude was getting down to almost $100 again, havent checked lately. Crude goes down to $70 and theyll still hold gas at $4. Then when it goes back up to $140 like it was, theyll raise gas to $8 and say thats the reason. At least one thing is for sure, we cant blame the oil producers for keeping the prices up.
Who can we blame? My dad was kind of excited about seeing the price almost to two digits ($99.xx) but then when we got the next delivery somehow the company charged us .25 cents more per gallon. There is no way for the gas stations to bring the price down even though the crude price is at a decent spot. Right now, when half of the gas stations in the area are out of fuel, the station is making .09 cents per gallon.

I don't know who exactly is making the money, could you answer that question for me (not being sarcastic)?

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