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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
Have.....2013 auto Elantra & now a.....2016 manual Elantra.... the 2013 auto....highs of 43mpg.... the 2016 manual.... 46mpg.
Had a 2007 Dodge Caliber.... I adored the CVT tranny.....averaged 31(calculated) with highs of 37mpg....
Hum.... saw this manual/auto thread & thot I'd never seen it. I see now, that I did post in 2015.
Still have both Elantras, now with a total of 145,000 miles, with nothing ever failing with either.The manual is geared 6% lower than the auto. It gives better acceleration, & handles the mountains wonderfully. It pours out good MPG, more than the auto Elantra in most cases, altho the auto has good MPG, too. My wife continues to love only the manual, while I love both.
Eventually when worn out, the standard sized tires on the manual will be replaced with larger diameter (wider,too) used tires & larger wheels, to help lower the highway rpms. Performance in the mountains will still be acceptable to me. I want to find some small mudflaps, like the auto Elantra has, to deal with the extra width tires.

P.S. For the first time in 2020, Elantras CANNOT be had in both auto & manual transmissions. Hyundai brags how great the MPG on the auto 2020 is, but I bet if they did have a manual tranny, it would still beat the auto.

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