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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
How far do you have to drive?

I can look at mine for car seat hookups. I think it has them.

What incentives do you get for buying a used EV there?
I don't go more than 150 miles 1 way, but if I did, the Supercharging network would be handy. Still not sure I'd take an EV on a long road trip even if chargers are located conveniently. Kind of a moot point as my intention is to do all local driving with it.

I'm selling the Prius plug-in so my wife doesn't kill me for having too many vehicles. I've got the itch to plug in though, so an EV of some sort has been on my radar for years. Never figured I'd get a Tesla because I don't like spending much on a vehicle. $20k is pushing the limits for me. Most I've spent to date as a single guy is $17k, then $13k on the Prius when I was married.

I'm a big fan of reconstructed vehicles because people have a hard time getting financing, which reduces my competition for the vehicle. I've had good experiences so far with reconstructed vehicles. Normally I wouldn't consider a Tesla, but it's being sold private party and has a branded title, so it doesn't get any sweeter than that for me.

Anyhow, the new Leaf still has the full $7,500 federal tax credit. Oregon offers $2,500 for a new EV, and another $2,500 to modest income people for a new or used EV.

I wouldn't get any incentives buying private party, but they could substantially reduce the price of a new vehicle which is why I might be able to get a new Leaf for $20k or less.
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