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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Well, we do have efficiency requirements in building codes, and they continue to increase the efficiency in those codes.

Utilities already bake in efficiency improvements into the bill and offer incentives for replacing inefficient stuff, or improving insulation.

I got a "free home efficiency inspection", some low flow showerheads, LED bulbs, and $50 for buying a smart thermostat.

Recently I purchased a FLIR camera, so I'll be inspecting my home soon.
In a climate change mitigation scenario,I'd be pushing for orders of magnitude in savings.I'd set more aggressive parameters,and if a home designer could bring the home in,complying with the standard,then any 'slop' left over could allow for aesthetics or whatever.But the standard would have to be met (just say 'no' to Barbie).No state pension fund would be allowed to own stock in a building materials manufacturer and utility provider, and then make it a law, that all new homes must include those materials in their construction,and use that utilities energy,as is done in Texas.Higher sale price would eventually be offset by lower life cycle operating cost,ultimately paying for the advanced technology,and afterwards monthly dividends.No builder could skirt the regulations.A level playing field.
Once the country was at zero-carbon,we could discuss relaxation of constraints.
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