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Originally Posted by kevlar View Post
What I'd really like to know is, after the storm has passed, and there is little or no damage, do we get a rebate for all the money they "stole" from us? I highly doubt it! I wish I could gouge money out of everyone whenever I MIGHT get hit by a storm...... of course I'd give it back if I found it wasn't needed!
Now how do you get "stole" and "gouged" out of this? It's their gas: they have a right to try to sell it for whatever the market will bear. (It's not like they're located on evacuation routes out of Galveston.) Indeed, if you look at this from a different angle, you see that the ones doing the "gouging" are really all the people who rushed out to fill up when they didn't need to, thinking they were going to take advantage of gas station owners who were slow in raising prices.

Remember the first principle of the successful con man: never try to con an honest person. Instead, find the dishonest ones and convince them that they've got an opportunity to cheat you.
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