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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Used Bolts are going for ~$20k, so not half the price... I wouldn't purchase the reconstructed Tesla unless I could get it nearer to $23k. The guy isn't getting back to me though, so he seems uninterested in selling, or has already sold it and just didn't remove the ad.

The $35k Model 3 still exists, though it's now $35,400 (plus delivery) and has to be ordered by phone. Tesla is in the lowest federal tax credit ($1,875) before it expires entirely. Chevy is right behind. Nissan probably has another year or so before it triggers the tax credit phase out, so maybe holding out until then makes sense.
Everyone was claiming on here they could get new Bolts for a bit over $20k after all incentives. There were lease deals in California for under $99/mo zero money down. I guess those days are gone, or the people who paid $22k for a Bolt think it will still bring them $20k 2 years and 40,000 miles later. I agree though $20k used is what I found as well, but 40k used is what I see Teslas.
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