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Toyota MPG Chart in a non-modified 2014 Camry SE

Just out of curiosity, what's the best mpg an unmodified non-hybrid Camry can get of this generation? I think the absolute best I can get is 60-80+ Mpg on highways for a minute or 2, since the chart doesn't read above 60 mpg. The worst I can get is in city traffic with lots of stop & go traffic, poor traffic light sequences & heavy congestion yields sub 5 MPG. Avg overall is mid 20s mpg.

Not sure what I can do to net gains. I inflate my tires 1-2 psi above the door jam 35 PSI recommendation. Sidewall max PSI is 51. I hope to not induce premature tire wear by exceeding the manufacturers PSI rating. .

How accurate is the Toyota MPG screen?

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