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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The cheap led power supplies are inefficient and burn out way before the actual LED. The LED might last 50k hours but the cheap electronics last maybe 10k hours if you're lucky.

We don't fight anyone for natural gas.
The only country we buy natural gas from is Canada.
Our army nation guard could conquer canada.
As soon as we rolled heavy armor across their boarder they would surrender.

I have read hundreds of pages of the oceans and cryosphere report before I found out it was thrown out for being based on junk science and read a couple chapters of a report that Greta likes to quote from 2016. That 2016 report is already obsolete no point in reading the whole thing.
I have read hundreds of pages more than a typical beliver.
The first thing you will lean from reading these repots is all the people freaking out over these reports aren't actually reading the whole report.
We import LNG from Indonesia and Algeria.The US Navy would have an eye on that.As well as all shipping lanes in between.
If you had specific information on 'junk science' in the IPCC report,that might be of interest.How can you read about a report if it's thrown out? What does Greta quote? I've only heard her say,to listen to the scientists.
I don't know any typical believers,so I don't know what you're talking about.
I won't be learning anything from the reports,as I won't be reading them.I don't know anyone freaking out about the reports.I don't know anything about them.And don't care to.
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