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My Accord wouldn't start yesterday; my battery is one year old.

Mom likes to leave me behind just before I am ready. I got to Church right after she did, but walked through the door at the same time that she did. Two hours later, my car wouldn't start. I have had slipping belts on and off for a year. I have adjusted both several times and replaced both when I changed my timing belt last year.

Both are from a dealership.

I figured that it was the alternator belt that was slipping. I grabbed my jumper cables and asked Mom to back up her boat, but someone pulled up with his Accent.

I said that I was hesitant to use a smaller car to jump mine, but he pointed out that I just needed a little help. She started up right away, I thanked him, and put my battery on the charger when I got home. The battery supposedly topped off last night, but I kept it charging all night, just in case.

This morning the alternator belt seemed tight, but the power steering belt was loose. I tightened it, disconnected the charger, and she started right away without any belt squeal.

According to The National Weather Service, while it was around freezing this morning, it was a tropical 61 when I had issues.

I guess that I will have AutoZone check the battery before I drive to the reservation this afternoon (if the family confirms).

My battery has 800 cold-cranking amps...

Batteries do not last that long in Arizona, but my car spends very little time in the bad part. I would expect the cheapest battery last over a year in Phoenix, let alone 800 CCA.

The average high temperature in Show Low in July was 88 .

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