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Originally Posted by vskid3 View Post
The new battery has been in the car for a couple months, doing fine so far.

The battery arrived at the dealer the following Tuesday and I installed it over the next two evenings. I definitely removing the old battery and replacing it within a couple days so everything is fresh in your brain. Waiting over a month to do the reverse process left me scratching my head quite a bit as far as what order to do things and how the wiring is supposed to be routed.

I haven't noticed any change in MPGs. The SOC seems to stay at 6 bars almost all the time unless I keep it going in EV. Long hills barely reduce the SOC (if at all) where before it would be drained by the top (my Prius' battery has also been drained by large hills since I bought it). I'm not sure if this is normal behavior for a Camry hybrid, as my only other experience has been with the sad battery.
Very normal.

Assuming you have need of heavy A/C use during your warmer months, you will notice a draw down in SoC at long lights or extended A/C operation when engine isn't running.

Make sure you keep your A/C operating top notch. Cooling air is pulled from the cabin. Aim the center vents so they "lob" cool air onto the back deck.

Lastly, I recommend you use Hybrid Assistant and set the fan control to 100F when operating in warmer weather.
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