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So it snowed in Indiana today. A little early if you ask me. Anyway I had to rush to get it put together enough to drive it to work. I finished the upper half and left the lower sides open. I would say its closest to a large kammback rather than a full boat tail. I did take the trunk and taillights out so its still open in the back. Some water sprayed up and came inside the trunk area (had some bare steel and there is now dots of rust). I could definitely tell it was there, a lot better coasting. Also very different handling in cross winds.

Doing some research I think I might have lean burn, ( When driving on the highway I notice that after cruising if I give it more gas it has no power then all of a sudden it comes back. I felt it a little before the "boat tail". Now with it, it's very obvious.

Is that how lean burn feels in other cars?
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