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Shifting with torque converter locked

Hello everyone, I am wondering if it is bad for my 2005 Honda Civic’s transmission to shift with the torque converter locked up. With my solenoid mods to raise line pressure, it shifts somewhat hard when locked up and I am wondering if this is bad on it. I like hard shifts, but I certainly don’t want to destroy my new (to me) transmission by shifting it with a locked torque converter. I don’t allow it to shift while the converter is locked up because I am unsure of the long term effects of doing do.

Also, I modified my pressure control solenoids so the trans runs at a higher line pressure so it shifts quicker and so the TCC instantly fully applies whenever I want it to. What I did is I unplugged the pressure control solenoids and plugged in extra solenoids so it doesn’t set a code and go into limp mode. I have been running it for about 6K miles this way and nothing bad has happened yet that I can tell, but I am wondering if shifting with high line pressure is bad for the trans in the long run.

The trans does not shift excessively hard (by my standards) from the solenoid modifications, so I would expect that this modification could actually extend the life of my trans because it shifts quicker, meaning the clutches engage faster and slip for a shorter amount of time, but I don’t know a lot about automatic transmissions, so I may be missing something.

Thank you very much in advance, I really appreciate your help.

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