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Yes, you have lean burn.

From a random site on the internet:

"The EPA required Ethyl to conduct significant further testing surrounding their concerns with the Escorts, which Ethyl did. (Looking forward in time to 8 June 1998, we learn that the EPA reprimanded Ford over emission problems with 1991-1995 Escorts, noting that Ford had failed to report changes it made to 1991-1995 model year Escorts to improve fuel efficiency. The EPA alleged that Ford used an inappropriate-managed fuel-air “enleanment” strategy that caused an increase in smog-producing emissions. Ford was required to purchase and permanently retire 2,500 tons of NOx credits as part of the settlement package making up the consent order."

It was called "MFA mode" inside Ford. This quote agrees with my memory, managed fuel-air being MFA of course.

Is it easy to take the tail off? Did you go do a trial run, see how much better you need to get? I could get 40 MPG on the highway (at 70) with my old manual wagon. Would have done better at 55, but probably not 60 MPG....
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