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Just went from 40 psi to 50 PSI today & still can't avg 40 MPG on the highway at 50-65 MPH at night. It was 43 F @ 9:30pm

Does temperature really decrease mpg that much? I was getting over 40 MPG on the highway just a month ago, at 35 PSI!! The temperature was 30-40 F higher & it was day time.

I won't block the grill holes, b/c closely monitoring the engine for overheating isn't something I want to worry about.

I'll either have to deal with it, or find some other simple things to boost mpg.

That brief 1 minute 60 mpg spike, was me coasting off the highway exit to local roads. The data certainly is interesting.

Briefly around noon, it was only a high of 53 F, but I was able to avg 40 mpg on the highway @ 50 psi, thanks to the car heating effect of the sun at high noon. I even had 3 consecutive minute peaks at 60 mpg & a few other good minutes with fuel economy above 54 mpg around noon.
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