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24hours one tank - '02 Honda Insight manual
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Build Thread, IC injection cam and rewound etc IMA H Insight2002

Image above is ecu adaptor provided by ECU manufacturer Phil Grabow Hydra Nemsis, I will place the purported pinout maps in posts below.

In the next 2 weeks I hope to deliver the parts to Insight Steve at Jeu Motors in Covina CA to do major work faster.

Goal is EPA CARB allowed upgrade kits for our used vehicles (and generators and golf carts), you can participate or crowdfund if you want. Ideally avoiding extra fuel use and cost of catalytic converters. easier technically to outdo the controlling powers than overturning politically driven monopoly taking of consumer income with govt force. Overwhelming superiority by all measures required. Range 1000 miles plus, duration 24 hours plus, EPA cycles. refers to injecting water backwards thru exhaust valve to cylinder refers to one or few chemical cells per pole separate from others. abuse cells and replace them easily.

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Picture below is test windings to be place in car, 3 individual poles with some separated windings to do series parralell to discover optimum winding to match chemical cell voltages at high amps with per cell per pole controllers. Other winding is parasite winding for 12v nominal psuedo alternator buss. If a new winding pattern is figured out, then I would have the laminations pressed out of the steel frame, then the coil bobbins can be replaced with machine wound bobbins, because the laminations are an arch of separate pole pieces.

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